A REvolution is Coming

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We are on the brink of a precipice and the momentum towards change is building. More and more people are beginning to stand up and say “ENOUGH!”, this cannot continue. We have gotten past the point of frustration; the time for action is now – it’s time for a Fashion REvolution.

Segments of the fashion industry are awakening to how their practices are contributing to climate change. They are pushing back against current practices that encourage harmful farming with heavy pesticide use, manufacturing in countries that allow toxic dyes and chemicals to be irresponsibly dumped, and using cheap labor that translates into the exploitation of workers. These forward-thinking companies are counteracting fast fashion and giving you the power to make being responsible fashionable. So, before you go to Amazon for your Christmas shopping, check out these companies leading by example of REusing, REcycling, REpurposing REnewing, and making REsponsibly.

The Renewal Workshop:

This company was started to fill a gap in keeping unsellable clothing out of the landfill. They collaborate with sustainably-minded brands to recover some cost, energy and waste from items that can’t be sold traditionally through their brand’s channels. Clothing items are either renewed or turned into upcycled materials or recycling feedstock. Their process creates a circular model to prevent clothing with minor flaws from going to the dump. A sampling of their brand partners include: prAna, Pearl Izumi, Mara Hoffman, Toad & Co, Ibex, Indigenous, and Outerknown. Find the perfect gift for your outdoor lover on your list at a lower cost to both you and the planet.


Remake is a non-profit dedicated to empowering consumers to fashion consciously. Their education covers the cost fast fashion is taking on vulnerable populations made up of mostly women and children and the toll on the environment. Making it easier to be ethical with your wallet, they explain all the ways to learn about labels, who to avoid (for example, brands that are greenwashing), fast vs. slow fashion, and a list of vetted labels that you can feel good about buying.


This relatively new company is working to give brands the ability to create a second-hand, closed-loop system that doesn’t diminish or cannibalize their new clothing lines. Their technology allows for a company’s customer to sell their used brand apparel directly back to other consumers through the companies own website. So rather than seeing their labels for resale on ThredUp, they can recapture some of the second-hand market’s exponential growth and create a more circular model all within their own infrastructure.

 ReCrafted by Patagonia

Patagonia’s Worn Wear was born of the same idea as The Renewal Workshop. They offer customers a way to donate their Patagonia gear back to be repaired and resold as used clothing or recycled if it was beyond repair. The nut to crack was all the extra textiles that couldn’t be repaired and resold. Out of this came ReCrafted which is due to launch this Wednesday, November 13th. The process includes sorting through all the excess textiles and making clothes out of old clothes. We don’t want to say they stole our idea, but we are happy to be in good company with Patagonia on this one. The more companies who are willing to make the impossible, possible, the better the world is going to be for us all.

Graphic Revival

Making clothing out of clothing is not a new idea. What’s new that we are creating one-of-a-kind shirts that have the perfect mix of style and individual statement. Our hope is that our focus on one particularly overproduced garment gives room for other companies to follow suit. While we unfortunately won’t have our initial line available for the 2019 Christmas season, you can sign up for our newsletter and be one of the first to get an upcycled classic tee that is as unique as you! Join the REvolution!

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