How to Get Over Your Holiday Hangover

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My second favorite part of the holidays is taking down the Christmas tree. It may seem strange, but once the 25th has past, I can’t wait to take the thing down. Some may see this as part of my diabolical nature, but it’s actually a way to mark another beginning; the start of a new year. It means the end of what feels like an overly-gluttonous, over-consumptive holiday season. There’s no more pressure to constantly eat, drink, and buy, buy buy! Time to get back to more manageable, sustainable living. Here are recommendations for starting out the New Year on a note that will help you be consciously style:


Return your Gifts

Yeah, we know, the last thing you want to do is go to the mall right now. But if your Aunt Freida gave you another hideous sweater that you’ll never wear, it’s better to return it than having it end up in the landfill. It will be one less thing in your closet to sift through and can be sold to someone who will actually wear it. If the store will only give you store credit, consider a gift card. That way you’ll have something to give Aunt Freida next year.


Consider a Cleanse

One too many chocolate croissants over the holiday can make you feel gross. Right now, a body reset will help you start the year in a more thoughtful way. It not only is good for you, it’s good for the environment. As you probably know, eating meat and processed food has environmental consequences beyond your waistline. Even taking a 3 day break can reset your habits and your system. It will help with your style as you’ll probably shed a few pounds, and getting rid of toxins will help keep 2020 skin breakouts under control. 


Take a Shopping Holiday

Besides returning gifts, take a break from spending. Indulging is addictive and you need to stop the madness! If someone gave you money as a gift that’s burning a hole in your pocket, wait until after your cleanse at a minimum. You might find that you don’t really want or need what you were so anxious to buy. (You can make an exception if you need to buy a juicer for your cleanse).


Consider Pairing Down Your Closet

Don’t treat this as an annual purge to fill in with new clothes. Consider how many items you really need to express your style while being mindful of the impact clothing production has on the environment. If you haven’t worn a garment in the last year it’s time to move it along. By finding it a new home it will extend the life of the garment and make it less likely for it to end up in the waste stream. Right now the equivalent of one dump truck of textiles per second go into the landfill, so you definitely don’t want to add to that.


Get Outside

It’s dark and it’s cold, but reviving yourself with some nature therapy can do wonders after spending days inside stuffy houses full of food and booze. The color will come back to your cheeks and it will remind you that living more style consciously serves a greater purpose of helping to protect the places in nature that inspire and renew us.

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