Lessons from Fashion Icons

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I always imagine celebrities and fashionistas with giant walk-in closets filled with color coordinated tops and bottoms of the latest styles and vintage classics. Maybe that’s true, but more and more style leaders are speaking out about waste in the fashion industry and trying to change their habits to be more earth friendly. As consciousness grows around how wasteful dressing ourselves can be, it’s great to see many fashion icons sounding the alarm bell about the issues surrounding fashion and actively promoting brands that are doing things the right way.

Here are a few of our style heroes and how they are champions of sustainable fashion:

Sarah Jessica Parker is a Thrifter

The real-life Carrie Bradshaw, who couldn’t afford a down payment on an apartment because of her excessive shoe habit, buys second-hand clothing. In a recent interview by InStyle, she said that almost all of her son’s t-shirts are from thrift stores and her daughters wear mostly hand-me-downs from family. While she is a fashion trend-setter, she looks at the personal sustainability of a piece of clothing before purchasing it – will this be something that can be worn for a decade or more? It’s a great question to ask ourselves, and I for one, want to be just like SJP!

Shailene Woodley is Diverging

Apparently, Woodley has always been somewhat of a tree hugger. She works with a stylist that sources clothes that have been worn and re-worn to keep her look fresh for red carpet without the waste. As she rose to stardom and was forced onto the fashion scene. When she began to find her voice she decided to set her own trend by doing a minimalist wardrobe detox to reboot her style. She also puts her environmental stewerdship into action by recently becoming a Greenpeace Ocean Ambassador and going on an expedition to study the effects of microplastics and climate change in the Sargasso Sea. That’s one bad-ass tree-hugger.

Giselle is Keeping it Clean

The famous Brazilian model was described by Vogue as the world’s most clean living model. While this description may have been referring to her diet of veggies, grains, and healthy fats, it also describes her views on the environment. During her long and successful career, she has planted trees in the largest urban slum in Africa, helped clean up a river near her native home of Horizontia, Brazil, and explored the connection between deforestation and climate change. She also realizes that her role as a model has a direct effect on the planet’s well-being by her refusal early in her career to any fur campaigns. With the growing realization of how polluting the fashion industry is as well, she has helped top designers such as Donatella Versace connect with sustainable designers such as Livia Firth to create iconic and earth-friendly pieces. As quoted in Vogue, “At what price are we creating all this beauty? People think you dump something in the river and it’s just going to disappear. Nothing disappears, as we know. Whatever gets made here, stays here.”

Emma Watson’s Magic

From vegan trainers all the way to cuff earrings, Watson uses her massive social media following to show how sustainable brands can be show-stoppers. The fashion-conscious star seems to meticulously choose and promote brands that not only focus on the fair treatment of animals and the environment, but also have humanitarian causes such as fighting human trafficking and modern-day slavery. With the help of her stylist and resources such as Good on You, she shows others how to navigate responsibly through greenwashing and fast fashion. She also uses her platform to promote women’s rights, fighting for all the “Little Women” out there.

While we all can’t be celebrities, we can emulate their deliberate choice of clothing and how they represent our style as well as our values. Women of prominence are using their platforms to promote for a more fair, equitable world that cares for our fellow humans and the health of the planet, which should be an inspiration for us all.  Let’s take their cue and help make being responsible fashionable. Join the REvolution. 

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