The Power of You

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I recently read an article featuring an interview with Tia Nelson, climate activist and daughter of Earth Day’s founder, Gaylord Nelson. One of the many statements Tia made that struck me was ...the most powerful lesson that I am reminded of each year is the power of individual action to make a difference.” It resonated because while I would have liked to be an earth warrior in my life, that hasn’t been the reality. What I have done is taken consolation in trying to do anything I could on a personal level.

Luckily, since the first Earth Day in 1970, it has gotten much easier to be environmentally responsible. Those old enough to remember the “Pitch In” campaign know that the primary goal was to get people to put trash in a can rather than just throwing it on the ground. In our current age of curbside recycling, it’s hard to believe that the standard used to be tossing things out the window while driving down the road. Thank goodness times have changed. Beyond just waste, today it’s easier to find organic food, shop in bulk, and even compost. While I want to pat myself on the back for doing all these things, I also realize that none of it would be possible if other systems hadn’t been put into place to make it work.

Now it’s time for us personally to take that individual action to a higher level. In educating ourselves with waste in the fashion industry while creating Graphic Revival, Kathryn & I realized those systems that make doing the right thing easy don’t yet exist in the industry. Because of this we are working hard to build it on the back end so it’s easy for the clothing industry to channel unusable clothing to a responsible end. Just like you and me, they want to do the right thing, but it’s difficult unless the pathway exists. On the other end, we are creating a front end system for customers to make eco-friendly choices in the clothes they purchase and wear. In creating a new structure, we are supporting people like you who want to live consciously. We’re realizing that our combined efforts make your individual action count so much more.

So while not everyone is in a position to start a REvolution, we are hoping that you’ll join us in ours. Know that your individual actions, no matter how small, DO matter, and that none of us can be perfect. But the more we all “Pitch In” then the true impact of our individual actions will be seen.

Happy Earth Day!

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