Our Partners in Climate Action & Climate Justice

Giving Partners

We are currently focusing on 2 areas of environmental giving.

1. Climate Justice

We are all effected by pollution and bad environmental policy, but our most vulnerable populations feel the negative impacts the most. That's why half our donations are going to support Green America who fights for both Climate Action & Social Justice issues.

2. Protect Oceans

Since two-thirds of our planet is water, it's essential to keep earth's oceans healthy. Every purchase supports Protect Our Mother (POM) who works to protect and heal our waters.

Read about these great organizations below.

A Just & Sustainable World

In a world where everyone is safe, healthy, and has access to the planet's abundance, we can move toward sustainability. Knowing that social justice and environmental responsibility are linked, Green America supports vulnerable communities and utilizes economic action to solve social and environmental problems.

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Nurture & Protect

Your Purchase Does So Much More

Going Green by Thinking Blue

We live on a blue planet. Protecting Mother Earth means protecting the ocean. Every other breath you take comes from oxygen created by the ocean; the world’s second largest ecosystem.  Our oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface and produce as much as 85% of the world’s oxygen. 

As an ocean preservation foundation, Protect Our Mother (POM) is focused on preserving our oceans and restoring habitat for ocean mammals, coral reefs, and kelp forests.

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Purchasing Power

You have the power to change the way you buy and use clothing. Your purchase supports using resources creatively and responsibly and goes towards addressing serious issues we are collectively facing.

With every dollar spent, you help to transform our broken systems and protect our planet.

You Rock!